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Feel The Love Again

We want to become your eCommerce partner so you can get back to servicing Brick & Mortar businesses. 

You want a better Partnership with Amazon.

They won't give you that.

You're launching a Brand and want a VendorCentral account.

They won't give you that either.

Talk With Us

We are a retail distributor focused on eCommerce distribution.

Our goal is to get your products listed and advertised on so you can focus on the rest of the market. 

Buy Wingtite SD1000 Shower Drain Replacement, Installs From the Top



You Sell Wholesale to us, we do the rest.

  • 1. Mutual Agreement - Becoming a Team

    We won't be "just another customer".

    We promise to sell your products like they are our own. 

    The goal is for you to get a better eCommerce Partner where we both Benefit. 

  • 2. Provide Your Catalog Price List

    We review your pricing and discuss purchasing terms. 

    This only works if we are both competitive.(freight, marketing, damage).

    Similar to Costco we must  make at least 14%

  • 3. We List and Send Purchase Orders

    We like to keep it simple.

    Using Dropbox we request all artwork and content, then our team goes to work building the listings.

    Then we send PO's and provide shipping labels. You stick them on the carton and hand to Fedex

  • 4. Profit

    Now for the good part!

    We both benefit because you're producing high-quality products and we're moving volume as fast as customers are buying. 

FAQ - What are we looking for?

What Types of Products?

Individually packaged products with UPCs, organized by master carton between 3 and 12 units. 

Does each item need a barcode?

Yes, Ideally each item has a unique UPC. If you want us to do it, it will cost $0.30/unit.

Can I also sell on VendorCentral and SellerCentral?

We need Amazon Marketplace Exclusivity. 

What are the average payment terms?

30-60 day terms

I am a ReSeller, can I partner with Slater Supply?

No, you must be the brand owner or original manufacturer of the product. 

We are already doing $xxxxx on XYZ, can you hit a monthly miniumum?

We will not accept monthly minimum.

We will not accept minimum order quantities besides case pack quantities.

What products are restricted?

All products must comply with Amazon policies. View Amazon List of Prohibited Products.

Strike While the Iron is Hot

We have been there before.

Selling through distributors or trying to manage your VendorCentral account on your own is not fun. 

Its also a recipe for lagging sales and opens the door for FBA merchants to compete with your products. 

If you have a manufacturing advantage then you need to keep it. Lets talk today

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