Collection: Rain Gear

Rain gear from Slater Supply will keep you safe and dry in the rain.

It's important to protect yourself from harsh weather conditions.

What rain hazards are there?

There are many rain hazards, especially at work. One of them being that rain decreases visibility. Others might have a hard time seeing you if you're not wearing a bright shade of yellow, green, or orange. Water could also hinder your movement. This could lead to slips, trips, or falls. Water and cold weather could make workers sick, so it's important to stay dry.

Is it safe to work in the rain?

Working in the rain is riskier than working in clear weather. However, it is safe to work in the rain if you are taking the proper precautions. Wear the right protective gear and communicate with your team to ensure safety. Thankfully, Slater Supply has many different options for rain protection.