Collection: Safety Shirts

Slater Supply carries safety shirts that will keep you seen and safe. These high-visibility shirts come in a variety of options.

We carry shirts with reflective tape, pockets, moisture-wicking material, and more.

Explore all of our options to find the right fit for you.

We identify the shirt type and class for you in order to make your purchasing decision much easier. Please read below to learn about shirt type and class.

Why Do Safety Shirts Matter?

Safety shirts are important for staying safe during work. While working, people are often so preoccupied with their own jobs that they could cause accidents.

High-Visibility safety shirts ensure that you will be seen by coworkers on the job site. We carry shirts that are fit for working alongside the road at night, working in a warehouse, and more.

Picking out the right shirt is essential for your own safety.

Safety Shirt Types and Classes Explained

Safety shirts are categorized by types and classes in order for workers to find the right fit for them. The American National Standards Institute established these categories for workers to know the right safety gear for the job.

Type O — These are intended for non-roadway use. These offer the lowest level of visibility.
Type R — These are intended for roadway use. It's essential to wear a Type R vest or shirt when working alongside roads.
Type P — These are intended for law enforcement and first responders.

Class 1 — For working in low-hazard areas. The environment shouldn't be dark or foggy.
Class 2 — These are intended for more serious work. Workers should be safe working alongside roads in this apparel.
Class 3 — These vests and shirts are for working alongside high-speed roads or in dark areas. They offer the most visibility from the greatest distance.