ANSI Cut Levels Explained: Picking the Best Cut-Resistant Gloves

ANSI Cut Ratings refer to a system of measurement used to measure cut resistance. The higher the number, the more cut-resistant the gloves are. The scale starts at A1 and goes through A9.

What are ANSI Cut Ratings?

The American National Standards Institute established a system for measuring cut resistance, the ANSI Cut Ratings. This system is consistently used across the United States for safety gloves.

ANSI Cut Ratings Explained

ANSI Cut Ratings Explained with a chart showing the ansi ratings separated

The ANSI Cut Rating system ranges from A1 through A9. The higher the number, the more cut-resistant the gloves are. ANSI Cut Rating A1 will protect you from very light cutting hazards, while ANSI Cut Rating A9 will keep you safe from more dangerous hazards.

It might be difficult to visualize how protective each cut rating is. It could be even harder to pick the right pair of gloves for your line of work. We’re going to explain each cut rating so that you make a smart decision when investing in your safety.

ANSI Cut Rating A1

A1 Cut-resistant gloves aren’t the most protective option, but they do offer some peace of mind. These gloves are typically more lightweight and less cut-resistant than their counterparts. These gloves can withstand up to 499 grams of cutting force.

If you want protection from minor cuts and your work, then this is the right rating for you. We’d recommend ANSI A1 cut-resistant gloves for anyone working in food service, light assembly work, or general maintenance.

ANSI Cut Rating A2

A2 Cut-resistant gloves are slightly more protective than A1 gloves. You should invest in ANSI Cut Level A2 cut-resistant gloves if you'll be handling light sharp objects or equipment. These gloves can withstand up to 999 grams of cutting force.

We’d recommend these gloves if you work in automotive assembly or plastics handling.

ANSI Cut Rating A3

A3 Cut-resistant gloves are better suited for more dangerous tasks. These gloves will protect you from sharper cutting hazards. These gloves can withstand up to 1499 grams of cutting force.

We’d recommend these gloves if you work in construction or manufacturing.

ANSI Cut Rating A4

This is the next tier of cut-resistant protection. These gloves are made from highly cut-resistant materials. They provide a significant level of cut resistance. These gloves can withstand up to 2199 grams of cutting force.

We’d recommend these gloves if you work in sheet metal handling, construction, or anything involving sharp tools and machinery.

ANSI Cut Rating A5

A5 Cut-resistant gloves are most commonly used in high-risk industries. These gloves can withstand up to 2999 grams of cutting force.

We’d recommend these gloves if you work in glass handling and automotive manufacturing.

ANSI Cut Rating A6

A6 Cut-resistant gloves are designed to protect you from serious cutting hazards. These gloves can withstand up to 3999 grams of cutting force.

We’d recommend these gloves if you work in metal handling or do blade work.

ANSI Cut Rating A7

A7 Cut-resistant gloves are even more protective than A6 gloves. These gloves can withstand up to 4999 grams of cutting force, equal to the weight of a pumpkin.

We’d recommend these gloves for glass manufacturing and metal stamping.

How Do You Know What Cut Rating Your Glove Is?

You could easily check the ANSI Cut Rating in a product's description or on the gloves themselves. It’s important to know just how protective your gloves are so make sure to check the rating before investing in a pair.

ANSI has other systems of measurement for glove safety. The cut resistance rating will always be distinguished with the word “Cut” or the letter “A” before the number.

text reads where to find the ansi cut level on a glove with a circle highlighting ansi a5 on a glove

The Best Oil and Cut Resistant Gloves, ANSI A4

oil resistant cut resistant gloves on display

It’s important for mechanics and other workers dealing with oil to have oil-resistant gloves. Workers trying to protect themselves from oil and cutting hazards should look into investing in these gloves.

These Caliber gloves are oil-resistant and cut-resistant. It’s the best of both worlds! The polyurethane coating enables workers to stay productive in oily environments.

The ANSI A4 cut rating is protective enough for anybody working with cars.

The Best Splashproof Cut Resistant Gloves, ANSI A4

waterproof and cut resistant gloves

Getting wet while working can decrease productivity and flexibility. Staying dry is important when working in wet environments. These Tuf-Cor gloves are splashproof, cut-resistant, and impact-resistant.

The ANSI A4 rating makes these gloves suitable for anybody dealing with wet cutting hazards.

The Best Cold Weather Cut Resistant Gloves, ANSI A4

cold weather cut resistant gloves

Another pair from Tuf-Cor makes its way onto this list. These gloves are perfect for working in the cold. The thermal acrylic liner makes these cold weather gloves reliable!

These gloves feature warmth, splash protection, impact protection, and A4 cut resistance. Two layers of nitrile work together to prevent the elements from harming your hands.

The Best Heat and Cut Resistant Gloves, ANSI A3

heat and cut resistant gloves

Monarch enters this list with their heat-resistant gloves. This pair of gloves is heat-resistant. It’s certified for Contact Heat Level 1 protection. It’s also cut-resistant, graded at an A3 rating.

The latex palm coating enables extra grip, even at high temperatures. This will allow you to keep hold of whatever you’re working with!

The Best Impact Protection Cut Resistant Gloves, ANSI A4

impact protection and cut resistant gloves

ANSI also grades gloves based on their impact protection. These gloves have an Impact Level 2 rating. This means that they will protect your hands from harsh falls and impacts. Protective rubber lines the fingers and back of the hand to absorb any impact shock that might come your way.

These gloves are also graded A4 for cut resistance. This allows you to work with complete peace of mind from impact and cutting hazards.

The palms have a sandy nitrile coat, which enables extra gripping power.

The Best High-Visibility Cut Resistant Gloves, ANSI A7

high visibility cut resistant gloves

Many workplaces require you to have high-visibility gloves when working. This is because other workers might struggle seeing your hands in low-light settings. It’s important to have high-visibility gloves so that others are aware of where your hands are.

If you want to be seen and stay protected from cutting hazards, then these are the gloves for you. They feature a high-visibility yellow color and an ANSI A7 rating.

The Best Leather Cut Resistant Gloves, ANSI A5

leather cut resistant gloves

These gloves are made from a soft goatskin leather. They have a premium feel to them that makes work a lot easier on the hands.

The gloves feature an ANSI A5 cut rating and high-visibility impact protection! These leather gloves are perfect for staying safe while on the job.

The Best Light Cut Resistant Gloves, ANSI A2

light cut resistant gloves

If you’re looking for light protection, then we’ve got you covered. Sometimes, less is more! A lower cut rating means more flexibility and breathability.

The ANSI A2 rating is perfect for those just working around their house or doing a passion project. These gloves feature polyurethane coating on the palm for extra grip. They also feature touch screen fingertips! Use your favorite smart devices without having to remove your protection.

The Most Protective Cut Resistant Gloves, ANSI A7

ansi a7 cut resistant gloves

These gloves are easily the most protective pair on this list. They feature an ANSI A7 rating, back-of-the-hand and finger impact protection, a high-visibility color, and a double layer of sandy nitrile coating for grip. Plus, it’s made from HPPE/Glass/Steel! You can’t get more protective than that.

If you’re going to be dealing with dangerous cut hazards, then you need these gloves for peace of mind.

The Best Cut Resistant Gloves, ANSI A5

ansi a5 cut resistant gloves

These safety gloves are the best cut-resistant gloves. They’re made from HPPG, an innovative material that’s cut-resistant, UV resistant, durable, flexible, and protective! 

The gloves feature microfoam coating on the palms, which enable extra grip, even in wet or oily environments. The gloves are resistant to punctures and abrasion. 15 stitches per square inch enable ultimate flexibility without sacrificing protection.

ANSI Cut Ratings Chart
ansi cut ratings chart
Which ANSI Cut Rating is the Best?

That depends entirely on you. Of course, the higher cut ratings offer the most protection. But you might not need that much protection if you're only going to be doing tasks that don’t pose too much of a cutting hazard. It’s important to evaluate your own needs for cut protection. The higher the cut protection, the bulkier the gloves.

Are Cut-Resistant Gloves Worth It?

You can’t put a price tag on your safety. Cut-Resistant gloves are an extra layer of protection between your hands and any cutting hazards at work. It’s important to keep yourself safe whenever possible. Most cut-resistant gloves are comfortable, lightweight, and breathable—you could always remove them for a quick break as well.

Does OSHA Require Cut-Resistant Gloves?

OSHA doesn’t explicitly require employees to wear cut-resistant gloves. However, employers are expected to provide the appropriate protection for employees on the job, but inspectors won’t be checking the ANSI cut rating of gloves on the worksite. If you aren’t required to wear cut protection, you are still free to wear it for extra safety.

What are the Factors that Go Into an ANSI Cut Rating?

ANSI cut rating is determined through standardized safety testing. A blade is moved across a glove at different specific forces and velocity.

The test is often updated to match the current landscape of safety standards.

Where can I buy ANSI Cut Rating gloves?

You can buy cut-resistant gloves with an ANSI cut rating right here on! All of our gloves are safe and protective. Explore our options to find the right fit for the job.

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