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HPPG Cut-Resistant Gloves, ANSI Cut Level A4

HPPG Cut-Resistant Gloves, ANSI Cut Level A4



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These gloves are constructed using graphene, a durable material that is UV resistant, comfortable, and long-lasting. Graphene is known to be nine times stronger than typical HPPE (High-Performance Polyethylene) material, while also being 25% lighter compared to other gloves that offer the same level of cut protection.

The gloves are also made with high-performance graphene (HPPG) material, which is UV resistant, comfortable, and long-lasting. This material provides excellent durability and performance in various work environments.

To ensure superior grip, these gloves are coated with polyurethane, which enables a secure grip while reducing sweating. This is especially useful when handling objects at work, preventing accidental slips and enhancing safety.

Designed for flexibility, these gloves feature an 18-gauge (or 18 stitches per square inch) construction, allowing for a full range of motion and comfort. This enables dexterity and flexibility on the job, allowing you to perform tasks with ease and comfort.

Choose these gloves for their advanced features, including the use of graphene material for durability, UV resistance, and reduced weight. The polyurethane coating provides excellent grip, enhancing safety and preventing slips, while the 18-gauge construction ensures flexibility and comfort. These gloves are suitable for a wide range of tasks that require cut protection, grip, and dexterity in various work environments.

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