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Red Danger Tape, Barricade Tape, Bulk 12-Pack

Red Danger Tape, Barricade Tape, Bulk 12-Pack


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Use Danger Barricade Tape for high visibility and clear warnings in hazardous areas. This bright red tape features bold black lettering that offers excellent contrast and visibility, making it ideal for barricading off construction sites, physical hazards, slippery areas, wet paint, freshly poured concrete, and more.

Constructed with durability and weather-resistance in mind, this tape is made with UV-resistant, non-toxic, non-flammable, and lead-free flexible polyurethane material, ensuring long-lasting performance in various environmental conditions. It meets the OSHA 1910.44 standard for marking physical hazards, making it compliant with hazard marking requirements.

This pack of Danger Barricade Tape includes 12 rolls, each measuring 3 inches wide by 1000 feet long, providing ample coverage for multiple projects. The extra large size of the rolls ensures that you have enough tape to create a clear and visible barricade to mark off hazardous areas.

Invest in this durable and highly visible Danger Barricade Tape to effectively warn and protect against potential hazards in construction sites, work areas, or other environments where safety is a priority. Its versatility, durability, and compliance with safety standards make it a reliable choice for hazard marking and barricading needs.

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