Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) Explained

It is essential to protect your hearing when working. Hearing protection will keep you safe from loud noises that could potentially damage your hearing. Especially when working with loud machinery. Read on to learn about Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) and what it means for your ears.

What is a Noise Reduction Rating?

A noise reduction rating (NRR) is a number given to hearing protection products based on their ability to reduce sound. These earplugs or earmuffs go through testing to determine this number.

The higher the number, the more effective the hearing protection. The rating could only go up to around 35. The number is the amount of decibels that the hearing protection blocks from your hearing.

Noise is measured in decibels, and hearing protection will reduce the decibels that reach your eardrums.

How to Calculate NRR

NRR isn't a straight answer to your hearing protection needs. Sound isn't measured in exact numbers. Do this formula to determine how many decibels you're reducing:

Source Decibels - ((NRR) - 7 / 2) = New Decibel Intake

For example, if you're working on a construction site averaging 75 decibels wearing earplugs with a 32 NRR, then you would do this:

75 - ((32) - 7/2)

So the reduction in decibels would be 59.5!

What are safe decibels for work?

Sounds at 70 decibels and lower are safe to listen to for as long as you'd like. Sounds at 85 decibels will damage your hearing after 8 hours of listening. That number cuts by half every 3 decibels added. So you will damage your hearing after 88 decibels for 4 hours.

The Best Earplugs for Work

disposable earplugs nrr 33

These earplugs have an NRR of 33, the highest possible rating for earplugs. These earplugs come in a pack of 200, each individually wrapped. This is great for putting a pair on everyday or providing your team with the hearing protection they need. If you need hearing protection that's lightweight, easy to see, and comfortable—Then these are the solution for you.

The Best Metal Detectable Earplugs

metal detectable corded earplugs

When working with food and other sensitive items, you need to ensure that your earplugs won't contaminate them. That's why metal detectable earplugs are a must in those industries. If your earplugs fall into food or anything else, then a metal detector could detect them and they will be retrieved. This ensures that everyone is safe when working with sensitive items. These metal detectable earplugs have an NRR of 32.

The Best Reusable Earplugs

reusable earplugs

These reusable earplugs are great for staying safe at work or at loud events. They offer an NRR of 27. One box comes with 100 of individually-wrapped pairs.