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Machine-Knit ActivGrip Gloves, Coated, 12-Pack

Machine-Knit ActivGrip Gloves, Coated, 12-Pack



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Introducing our oil-resistant gloves, designed to provide exceptional hand protection in demanding work environments. These gloves feature a 2-ply MicroFinish coating that effectively repels liquid and oil, preventing them from making contact with your hands. With two layers of coating, these gloves create a barrier that oil cannot break through. Protect yourself against friction and other workplace hazards with the EN388 Level 3 Certification for outstanding abrasion resistance. Additionally, these gloves are treated with Sanitized Treatment, ensuring hygiene and safety. Made with 13 stitches of nylon per square inch, they offer flexibility and durability, allowing for maximum hand comfort and minimizing fatigue on the job. Experience the extra grip provided by the MicroFinish coating, which uses thousands of microscopic pores to create a vacuum effect, enabling your hands to make clean, oil-free contact with tools and machinery. Work with confidence and comfort using our protective and grip-enhancing gloves.

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