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Nap-Out Poly/Cotton Canvas Gloves, Large, 12-Pack

Nap-Out Poly/Cotton Canvas Gloves, Large, 12-Pack



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Introducing our Double-Padded Nap-Out Cotton Canvas Gloves, the ideal choice for hand protection in various applications. These gloves are specifically designed to provide exceptional comfort and a secure fit. With their double-padded construction, they offer enhanced padding and protection for your hands, making them perfect for construction, oil drilling, forestry, woodworking, farming, and automotive work. The quilted palm adds an extra layer of comfort, ensuring prolonged wear without sacrificing dexterity. Equipped with a band top, these gloves provide a more secure fit, preventing slippage during demanding tasks. Experience the durability and reliability of our Cotton Canvas Double Palm Gloves with Nap-Out feature, and enjoy optimal hand protection for your work.

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