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Cut-Resistant Impact Gloves, ANSI Cut Level A2

Cut-Resistant Impact Gloves, ANSI Cut Level A2



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The CORDOVA SAFETY PRODUCTS OGRE® brand gloves are designed for tough jobs in the oil, gas, and refining industry. The name OGRE® stands for Oil, Gas & Refining Equipment, and these gloves are specifically crafted for tasks that require excellent gripping power and impact protection.

The OGRE® CR glove is cut-resistant, offering an A2 cut level for superior protection against cuts. It features a 13-gauge high-performance polyethylene (HPPE) shell, which provides both flexibility and durability. The thermoplastic rubber (TPR) protectors on the back of the hand provide impact resistance, safeguarding against potential hazards.

The reinforced thumb crotch adds extra durability to the glove, ensuring it can withstand heavy use. The polyurethane palm coating enhances grip, even in challenging conditions, making it ideal for handling various materials in demanding work environments.

Choose the OGRE® CR glove for reliable protection and performance in oil, gas, and refining operations. Its combination of cut-resistance, impact protection, and gripping power make it a dependable choice for those down and dirty jobs. Trust in the quality and functionality of OGRE® brand gloves for your work safety needs.

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