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Cut-Resistant Sleeves, Engineered Fiber, ANSI A4

Cut-Resistant Sleeves, Engineered Fiber, ANSI A4



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Experience the superior protection of Monarch-Taeki5® High Performance Sleeves. These gray sleeves are designed to withstand the toughest industrial environments. With an 18-inch length and 13-gauge construction, they offer extended coverage and durability. The Taeki5® Sleeves excel in multiple areas of resistance, boasting Level 4 abrasion resistance, Level 5 blade cut resistance, and Level 4 tear resistance. They provide the utmost defense against common hazards. While offering exceptional protection, these sleeves also feature Level 1 contact heat resistance, ensuring comfort during extended wear. Trust Monarch-Taeki5® High Performance Sleeves for reliable safety and durability. Elevate your protection today and experience peace of mind in any demanding work environment.

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