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Cut-Resistant Sleeves, ANSI Cut Level A2

Cut-Resistant Sleeves, ANSI Cut Level A2



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Experience the extraordinary strength and protection of our 10-Gauge HPPE Sleeve. Made with High Performance Polyethylene, this sleeve boasts a tensile strength 15 times stronger than steel at the same weight. Its lightweight and comfortable design ensures ease of movement while providing excellent abrasion and cut resistance. Tests have revealed that gloves crafted with HPPE fibers exhibit up to 20 times more abrasion resistance compared to gloves made with spun Aramid yarns. Our 15-inch sleeve, featuring elastic at both ends, offers a secure and flexible fit. Trust in the exceptional quality and performance of our gray-streaked HPPE sleeve for ultimate safety. Also available in an 18-inch length for added convenience. Elevate your protection today with our reliable HPPE sleeve.

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