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Flame-Resistant, Cut-Resistant Premium Leather Gloves, ANSI Cut level A6, HRC 4, Bulk 12-Pack

Flame-Resistant, Cut-Resistant Premium Leather Gloves, ANSI Cut level A6, HRC 4, Bulk 12-Pack



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Introducing our CORDOVA SAFETY PRODUCTS brand Outlaw Arc™ Premium Grain Cowhide Driver, a glove designed for exceptional durability, comfort, and protection in high-risk environments. This glove is specially crafted to meet the demands of industries with open flame hazards and the need for cut-resistance.

Constructed with premium grain cowhide leather, the Outlaw Arc™ driver glove offers superior comfort, durability, and abrasion resistance. Cowhide is known for its natural strength and resilience, providing reliable protection for your hands in demanding work conditions.

The Outlaw Arc™ features an Aramid/Synthetic Fiber machine knit shell with Aramid stitching. This combination enhances the glove's overall strength and cut-resistance, providing an extra layer of defense against sharp objects and potential hazards. The Aramid/Synthetic Fiber shell is designed to withstand high levels of stress, ensuring optimal protection and durability.

With an impressive ANSI A6 cut level, this glove offers excellent resistance against cuts and lacerations, providing peace of mind in hazardous work environments. Additionally, the Outlaw Arc™ is flame-resistant, boasting the highest level of protection with an HRC 4 rating. This makes it suitable for applications where open flame hazards are a concern.

The slip-on cuff features a shirred elastic back and a leather self-hem, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit. The keystone thumb design provides a wide range of motion and flexibility, allowing for natural hand movement and reducing hand fatigue during prolonged use.

Experience the unbeatable combination of comfort, durability, and protection with our Outlaw Arc™ Premium Grain Cowhide Driver. Trust in CORDOVA SAFETY PRODUCTS to deliver high-quality safety gear that meets the demanding needs of your industry.

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