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Hi-Vis Yellow Cut-Resistant Gloves, ANSI Cut Level A5

Hi-Vis Yellow Cut-Resistant Gloves, ANSI Cut Level A5



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Introducing the IMPACT GLOVES, designed to provide reliable protection from harsh impacts at work while ensuring comfort and flexibility. These gloves are made from comfortable canvas cotton material that allows for prolonged use without sacrificing mobility.

One of the key features of the IMPACT GLOVES is the TPR (thermoplastic rubber) impact protectors on the back of the fingers and hand, providing ANSI Impact Level 2 protection. This ensures that your hands are safeguarded against impacts from tools, equipment, or other hazards commonly encountered in the workplace.

In addition to protection, these gloves also prioritize visibility with their high-visibility yellow color, allowing you to be seen from all angles at all times. This enhances safety by alerting others to keep dangerous tools or equipment away from your hands, minimizing the risk of accidents.

The IMPACT GLOVES also provide ANSI Cut Level A2 cut resistance, making them suitable for tasks that involve sharp objects or materials. The neoprene cuff protects the wrist from harm and adds to the overall durability of the gloves, while the aramid reinforcements at the thumb crotch add flexibility and further enhance durability in high-wear areas.

Comfort is not compromised with the IMPACT GLOVES, as they feature a spandex back that allows for comfortable movement with a full range of motion. The TPR pull tabs make it easy to remove the gloves after work, adding to the convenience of use.

Stay protected, visible, and comfortable at work with the reliable and functional IMPACT GLOVES. These gloves are designed to provide durable and effective hand protection in demanding work environments, ensuring that you can work safely and confidently.

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