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Ice Gloves, Contact Cold Level 2

Ice Gloves, Contact Cold Level 2



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Introducing the ICE GLOVES, designed to keep your hands warm and protected in cold weather conditions. These gloves are made with a 2-ply polyester and brushed acrylic material that provides warmth and comfort in cold environments, making them ideal for various outdoor activities.

When it comes to protection, the ICE GLOVES are resistant to abrasion, punctures, tears, and cuts, certified with a CE/EN388 rating of 4142. They feature TPR (thermoplastic rubber) protectors on the fingers and back of the hand, providing impact protection to keep your hands safe in hazardous work environments.

For an extra grip, these gloves are coated with sandy nitrile, which enables a secure grip even in cold conditions. This ensures that you can handle tools and equipment with confidence, without compromising dexterity.

The ICE GLOVES are also built to last, with an aramid-reinforced thumb crotch for added durability in high-wear areas. The gloves are stitched with 13 stitches per square inch, allowing for comfortable movement and a full range of motion without wearing down the build.

Stay warm, protected, and confident in cold weather conditions with the durable and functional ICE GLOVES. Whether you're working outdoors, engaging in winter sports, or simply need reliable hand protection in cold environments, these gloves are designed to keep your hands comfortable and safe.

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