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Mossy Oak Fish Baiter Fishing Gloves

Mossy Oak Fish Baiter Fishing Gloves



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Rock Fish FP1000MSY Mossy Oak Camo Fishing Gloves are your secret weapon for a successful fishing expedition. These comfortable gloves are designed to blend in with the water, keeping you hidden from any distance and light level, ensuring the fish never know you're there. With a synthetic leather palm, these gloves offer a great grip, allowing you to hold onto fish with ease. The fingerless and stretchy design provides excellent flexibility, enabling a wide range of motions for baiting and reeling. These gloves are not only protective but also convenient. They offer UV protection UPF50+ to keep you safe outdoors and feature an abrasion-resistant palm and forefinger for added durability. They are also machine-washable, ensuring a cleaner use and safer food handling. Get ready to elevate your fishing game with these versatile and reliable gloves.

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