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Polyurethane Coated Work Gloves, 12-Pack

Polyurethane Coated Work Gloves, 12-Pack



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Introducing our protective all-purpose garden gloves, designed to keep your hands safe and secure during any task! These polyester gloves offer outstanding protection against abrasion, snags, cuts, tears, and punctures, ensuring your hands stay shielded. The high-visibility color enhances your safety by making you visible in darker environments. With a polyurethane coating, these gloves provide extra grip, preventing you from losing hold of objects. The coating also enhances tactile sensitivity, allowing you to feel everything your hands are doing. Made with 13 stitches per square inch, these gloves offer a full range of movement and flexibility. Plus, they contain no allergens, making them suitable for everyone. Equip yourself with these reliable and versatile gloves for your gardening needs!

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