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Premium Grain Goatskin Driver Gloves, Bulk 12-Pack

Premium Grain Goatskin Driver Gloves, Bulk 12-Pack



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Introducing our Premium Grain Goatskin Driver Glove, carefully crafted to provide exceptional tactile sensitivity, strength, and comfort. Goatskin, renowned for its softness and suppleness, is the preferred choice where precise handling and touch sensitivity are crucial.

This premium-grade goatskin leather is sourced from the side or shoulder areas of the hide, as well as from higher portions of the animal that experience minimal movement. These specific areas ensure the highest quality and durability of the leather, making it ideal for various applications.

The goatskin leather offers excellent tensile strength and abrasion resistance, ensuring long-lasting performance even in demanding work environments. Its high lanolin content contributes to its exceptional softness, providing a luxurious feel on your hands.

To maximize flexibility and comfort, this glove is unlined, allowing for better breathability and a natural fit. The shirred elastic back ensures a secure and snug fit, while the keystone thumb design provides optimal range of motion and dexterity.

Experience the superior quality and craftsmanship of our Premium Grain Goatskin Driver Glove, designed to meet the needs of professionals who value precision and comfort in their work.

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