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Premium Leather Impact Gloves, Cut-Resistant, High-Visibility, ANSI Cut Level A5

Premium Leather Impact Gloves, Cut-Resistant, High-Visibility, ANSI Cut Level A5



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CORDOVA's OGRE-GT gloves are designed for tough, dirty jobs that require excellent gripping power and impact protection. These gloves are ideal for various applications including agriculture, construction, general maintenance, manufacturing, masonry work, material handling, metal fabrication, railroad work, steel work, warehousing, welding, and foundry work.

The OGRE-GT gloves feature premium grain goatskin, which is preferred in situations where tactile sensitivity is crucial. It provides exceptional tensile strength and abrasion resistance, making it durable for rugged work environments. The high lanolin content in the goatskin also makes it one of the softest leathers available, ensuring comfort during extended use.

These gloves are designed with a double palm and orange TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber) protectors for enhanced protection and visibility. The cut-and-sewn Aramid-Steel-Glass Fiber fabric lining provides increased cut protection, making these gloves suitable for tasks that require sharp object handling.

The shirred elastic back and keystone thumb design provide the highest range of movement, allowing for flexibility and dexterity while working. These features make the OGRE-GT gloves comfortable and functional for demanding tasks that require precision and durability.

Invest in CORDOVA's OGRE-GT gloves for reliable hand protection in oil, gas, refinery, and other heavy-duty applications. These gloves are designed to provide optimal gripping power, impact protection, and cut resistance, making them a trusted choice for tough jobs that demand performance and durability.

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