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Premium Nitrile Gloves, 11-MIL, 13-Inch, 12-Pack

Premium Nitrile Gloves, 11-MIL, 13-Inch, 12-Pack



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Introducing our premium 11-mil unlined nitrile glove with an embossed grip. This high-quality glove offers exceptional durability and protection for a wide range of applications. Made without any supporting fabrics or liners, these gloves provide a comfortable and flexible fit. The embossed grip pattern enhances your handling and control, ensuring a secure grip in various tasks. With its 11-mil thickness, this glove is tough and resistant to snags and abrasions. It also offers reliable protection against organic solvents, oils, bases, and animal fats. The extended length of 13 inches provides added coverage for your hands and wrists. Trust our premium nitrile glove for superior durability and chemical protection.

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