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Cut-Resistant Sleeves, ANSI Cut Level A2, High Tenacity Nylon/Cotton

Cut-Resistant Sleeves, ANSI Cut Level A2, High Tenacity Nylon/Cotton



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Introducing the Cordova Safety Products RipCord™ Sleeve, a reliable choice for your protective needs. Crafted with high-tenacity nylon, the same material used to reinforce automobile tires, these sleeves offer exceptional durability. The multi-filament fiber construction ensures a smooth and soft feel, providing utmost comfort throughout the day. RipCord sleeves are not only comfortable but also an economical option. They provide a good level of cut resistance, suitable for incidental contact with sharp materials. Designed with a black or white nylon/cotton plaited composition, these sleeves feature an elasticized wrist and a 2 or 4-inch gusset at the bicep for an improved fit. With an 18-inch length, they offer ample coverage and protection. Choose the RipCord Sleeve for reliable performance in any industrial setting. One size fits all, ensuring a convenient and hassle-free experience. Elevate your safety standards with Cordova Safety Products.

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