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Type R, Class 2 Expandable Safety Vest, High-Visibility

Type R, Class 2 Expandable Safety Vest, High-Visibility



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The Expandable Class 2 Safety Vest is designed to meet ANSI/ISEA 107-2012 standards, providing high visibility and safety for workers on the job site. It features a durable construction with a zipper closure and essential safety features for enhanced visibility and convenience.

ZIPPER CLOSURE: The safety vest is equipped with a convenient zipper closure, allowing for easy putting on and taking off of the vest. The zipper closure ensures a secure fit and keeps the vest in place during work activities.

2-INCH REFLECTIVE TAPE & 4.5-INCH CONTRASTING BACKGROUND TAPE: The safety vest features 2-inch reflective tape, which enhances visibility in low-light or high-traffic environments. Additionally, it has 4.5-inch contrasting background tape, which provides further contrast and visibility to the reflective tape, ensuring maximum visibility from multiple angles.

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