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Type R, Class 2, Heavy Duty Surveyor's Safety Vest, High-Visibility

Type R, Class 2, Heavy Duty Surveyor's Safety Vest, High-Visibility



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The Heavy Duty Surveyors Type R, Class 2 Safety Vest is a high-visibility vest designed for surveyors or workers in similar professions who require enhanced visibility and functionality. This vest features an orange mesh polyester material with gray nylon trim, providing durability and breathability for long hours of wear.

Non-Conductive Snap Closure: The vest is equipped with a non-conductive snap closure, ensuring a secure and reliable fit. The snap closure is designed to resist electrical conductivity, making it suitable for work environments where electrical hazards may be present.

Large Back Pouch for Tablets or Surveyors Plans: The vest includes a large back pouch that can accommodate tablets, surveyors' plans, or other essential documents. This provides convenient storage and easy access to important items while on the job site, helping to improve productivity and efficiency.

Dual Mic Tabs and Carabiner Holes: The vest is designed with dual mic tabs and carabiner holes, allowing for easy attachment of communication devices or other tools. This ensures that workers can stay connected and have their equipment readily accessible while on the job.

D-Ring Pass Through: The vest also features a D-ring pass through, providing a convenient attachment point for tools or accessories that require hanging. This helps to keep essential items easily accessible and organized, contributing to a more efficient work process.

Clear Badge Holder: The vest includes a clear badge holder, allowing for easy display of identification or credentials. This promotes safety and security by ensuring that workers' identification is visible at all times, making it easy to identify personnel on the job site.

Multiple Pockets: The Heavy Duty Surveyors Type R, Class 2 Safety Vest is equipped with a total of eight pockets, providing ample storage for tools, accessories, and personal items. It includes two outside chest pockets, two outside lower pockets, two inside lower pockets, one inside chest cell phone pocket, and one inside back pocket. The outside pockets are designed with hook and loop closures for added security and convenience.

In summary, the Heavy Duty Surveyors Type R, Class 2 Safety Vest with orange mesh polyester, gray nylon trim, non-conductive snap closure, large back pouch, dual mic tabs, carabiner holes, D-ring pass through, clear badge holder, and multiple pockets is a high-performing and functional safety vest designed to meet the needs of surveyors or workers in similar professions. It provides enhanced visibility, convenience, and durability, making it a reliable choice for those who require a heavy-duty safety vest on the job site.

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