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Leather Driver Gloves, Watch Your Hands, Bulk 12-Pack

Leather Driver Gloves, Watch Your Hands, Bulk 12-Pack



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Introducing the Standard Grain Cowhide Driver glove from CORDOVA SAFETY PRODUCTS, designed to serve as a helpful reminder to prioritize safety. This glove is constructed from standard-grade cowhide leather, known for its comfort, durability, breathability, and excellent abrasion resistance.

What sets this glove apart is the bold, hi-vis lettering on the back, prominently displaying the phrase "WATCH YOUR HANDS." This serves as a constant reminder to maintain hand safety practices and prioritize awareness while working.

The glove is unlined, allowing for increased breathability and a natural feel during use. This enhances overall comfort and dexterity, ensuring that your hands remain comfortable even during extended periods of wear.

Featuring high visibility orange fabric fingertips, the glove enhances visibility in low-light conditions, making it suitable for work environments where visibility is crucial.

The shirred elastic back provides a secure and comfortable fit, while the keystone thumb design enhances range of motion, offering optimal comfort and reducing hand fatigue.

Choose the Standard Grain Cowhide Driver glove with the "WATCH YOUR HANDS" logo to promote a safety-conscious mindset and protect your hands while on the job. CORDOVA SAFETY PRODUCTS is dedicated to providing high-quality safety solutions, and we encourage you to explore our full range of gloves and safety products to meet your specific needs. Remember, safety starts with awareness, so watch your hands and stay protected.

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